Old Weil McLain Oil Fired Boiler New Weil McLain Gas Fired Boiler
Weil-McLain #57 oil-fired boiler less than 70% efficient (1957), due for replacement.
This customer is about to save a lot of money on their heating bills, thanks to Thonus North
Weil-McLain GV90+5 91.4% efficient boiler which runs on Natural Gas - $1000 rebate from National Grid
Wall-Hung Trangle Tube Boiler Triangle Tube Prestige Excellence Combination Boiler
Triangle Tube Prestige Excellence Combination Boiler 96% efficient. Provides heat and hot water in one unit $1500 rebate from National Grid A more complex Weil-McLain installation with 4 heating zones and hotwater
  Check out my video recorded where I installed this High Efficiency boiler. I explain the benefits to the customer as well as the details of my installation.
Please call me and lets discuss your options for a heating system efficiency upgrade.
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